TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori' Official MV




  • 수빈 : 기대되죠 ㅎㅎ 좋아해주셨음 좋겠다 사랑해요 모아들 연준 : 보고싶었어요 모아~ 같이 즐겨주세요! 범규 : 모아 오래 기다렸죠!!?많이 보고싶었어요 우리 행복한 시간 보내요! 태현 : 보러 와준 당신은 모♡ㅏ?! 혹은 모♡ㅏ가 될 나의 스푸트니크?! 휴닝카이 : ㅎㅎ 많이 기대해도 좋아요 모아긩들>3

    • lah te palagi aq nagiistream tapos ngayon q lang to nakita, abay sobra kana jam maligno

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    • los amo basta /cry

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  • Say you love me

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  • our next goal is 35 million!

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  • 072721 - 34m

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  • Stream " I KNOW I LOVE YOU" 50M VIEWS because they deserve it and get to 100M as quickly as possible, MOA fig

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    • @macchiato ikr how r U????

    • @beomgyuiee yeeess im rosieee omg hi its been a while since we talked ^^

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    • @macchiato I'm muffin and U???are U Rosie

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    • @beomgyuiee o u seem familiar who r u again-?

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    • Hi^_^

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  • just had lunch btw hope ya'll have eaten too

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    • hope u enjoyed ur lunch~

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  • Pro-tips when streaming: Just enjoy the music

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  • @TXT_members 'The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE' has now spent a record-extending 7 consecutive weeks on Billboard 200 chart!

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  • Lets go Moa!

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  • Sbelumny gw gk tertarik sih sm txt, but why can't I stop playing this song?

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  • Hawiiii moa~ i'm sorry i forgot to came here this morning so sawwy :) btw happy 34M yeayyy finally, 35M let's go moa we can do this, and i have 9 minutes more for my break time and after that i'm continue for my online class so bye~ i'll be back later

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  • Whoever is sleeping on this masterpiece will regret for sure.

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  • MOA! TXT is (rumored to be) having a comeback in august so let's str34m as hard as possible before their next comeback!! when their new song is out, many moas will forget about 0x1 lovesong, but we have to keep viewing the video to b0o5t their chances for awards at the end of the year (for both comeback songs). they are working so hard for us, so let's work hard for them too!!

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    • @ユユ ohh it's alright

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    • @ユユ it's okay ^_^

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    • omg i forgot to edit my comment, i copied and pasted it from one that i wrote before it was confirmed because i wanted to boost it but my sentiment still stands ^^ i know it’s confirmed ty

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    • It's confirmed

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    • It's not rumored, it's confirmed now They are coming back on 17August

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  • I do listen to TXT songs, but this was the first song by TXT that I completely fell in love with (╥﹏╥) And then RM comes along and says he worked on making it-

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  • Is it just me or Huening Kai's voice is getting deeper and more mature?

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  • moanaaaa

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  • moaa siapa yg masih semangat streamIng?? ♡

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